Embrapii units


The Ressacada Environmental Research Center (REMA/UFSC), linked to the Technological Center of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, is accredited as an EMBRAPII Unit to develop industrial projects in biotechnology. REMA began operations in 1994, in partnership with Petrobras / Cenpes, developing field-based and laboratory scale pioneering projects on the impacts of oil and hydrocarbon biofuel spills on soils and groundwater.  The EMBRAPII REMA Unit will focus on implementing RD&I projects targeted at developing environmental biotechnologies for the bioremediation of industry-contaminated areas and for biological recovery and treatment of waste. The Unit expects that its efforts will lead to industries reducing and controlling the environmental impacts of their production processes.

More information about the EMBRAPII REMA Unit can be found at: http://rema.ufsc.br/embrapii/