Print electronics consists of a series of methods in which an electronic or hybrid device (mechanical, fluidic and /or optical) is created by the deposition of inks and folders which are conductive, semi conductive, piezo-resistive, etc. on a substrate of any kind (glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, etc.). The CSEM Brazilian Unit has high capacity in various types of devices and production processes by printing, such as roll-to-roll printing, slot die, screen printing, blade coating, spiral roll coating and others.

The applications are diverse, such as the development of organic solar panels (OPV), supercapacitors and print batteries, sensors, ceramic microsystems, antennas, radars, flexible electronics, electroluminescent devices, optoelectronic devices, system-in-a-package, among others. The main sectors benefited are: automotive, electrical, telecommunications, aerospace, mining, defense, biomedicine and consumer electronics.

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