Objective: increase collaboration between SMEs from different countries, expand cooperation between SMEs and RTOs, encourage cooperative and competitive capabilities of SMEs by working in international R&D networks and support them in developing new products, processes or technical services

Target-audience: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research and technology organisations (RTOs) which jointly conduct international research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) projects

Participating countries: Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Flanders (Belgium), Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, and Wallonia (Belgium).

Deadline for proposals: 29 March 2023

Projects approval and their direct hiring happens between the company and an EMBRAPII Unit (See Units at: https://embrapii.org.br/en/unidades-embrapii/)

EMBRAPII finances up to 1/3 of the Brazilian project costs. The Brazilian business partner must finance at least 1/3 of the project costs. The remaining costs of the project can be negotiated with the EMBRAPII Unit that may add in-kind contributions.

To more information on the IraSME call and to have access to the necessary documents, refer to: www.ira-sme.net/current-call

Stay in touch with EMBRAPII through our e-mail: inter.coop@embrapii.org.br

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