The EMBRAPII IFES Unit is accredited through the Innovation Pole of Vitória to assist the Metallurgy and Materials competence area, with development of projects in the following subareas: Metallurgical processes; Metal alloys; and Ceramic and composite materials.

The IFES seeks to bridge the basic fundamental research with the final industrial application, acting in the so-called “Death Valley” of the maturity level of a technology or productive process. Innovative technological research projects are always associated with the specific interest of the partner company, and aimed at the consumer market.

Two examples of projects:

  • Implementation of a sustainable hydrometallurgical process for the recycling of lead-acid batteries in a non-commercial pilot plant.
    Implementing a non-commercial pilot plant scale, a pioneering process of recycling lead-acid battery, sustainable and economical, based on hydrometallurgy via citric acid, which has the advantages of improving battery performance, saving energy and not emitting dangerous gaseous pollutants.
  • Development of wear resistant material for application of transfer kick plates using propeller drum tribometer.
    Developing a tribometer capable of reproducing the concurrent wear mechanisms that operate in the mining industry and propose suitable heat treatment for the materials already used in iron ore transfer kicks that generate wear resistance.


Marcelo Lucas, of IFES | 7th Encounter of Units

About Unit IFES


Contact: Rodrigo Andreão Varejão


Telephone: (27)99294-3423

Address: Av. Anísio Fernandes Coelho. 1260- Jardim da Penha

Postal Code: 29060-670

City: Vitória

State: ES

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