Organization eases rules and directs non-reimbursable resources for innovation projects to combat COVID-19

To encourage the development of technology solutions to help predict, mitigate and contain the spread of COVID-19 in Brazil, EMBRAPII and its network of units have been taking some measures to support research and innovation projects to tackle the spread of coronavirus. Companies seeking financial or research infrastructure support can contact us writing to:

EMBRAPII’s model of operation of has proved itself efficient responding to the crucial demands for a fast development of new medical and hospital equipment and instruments. We have started several actions to support the development of applied research projects such as:

  1. Allocation of specific budgets for research related to COVID-19 and solutions to mitigate problems related to this pandemic;
  2. Motivating our EMBRAPII units to make full use of our flexible funding scheme in case of strategic projects related to the pandemic of COVID-19, enabling a higher use of EMBRAPII grants than the usual 33,33%, in order to be even more attractive to companies;
  3. Close coordination with hospitals, research centers and governmental authorities in order to be updated about the main measures being taken and making our network of research units ready to provide support when required;
  4. Making our efforts public, so that more people can be informed of the opportunities available.

“EMBRAPII was born with the purpose of helping innovative companies to overcome technological challenges. In front of COVID-19, it would be no different. The organization is contributing to the national industry, fostering innovation and strengthening the ability to face the pandemic”, highlights José Luis Gordon, EMBRAPII’ s Director of Planning and Management.

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