Partnership will allow Brazilian companies to have access to innovative global institutions in the area of energy, IoT, agriculture and life sciences.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry and promote technological and economic cooperation between Brazil and Israel, the Brazilian Company of Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) and the Israel Innovation Authority will allocate US $ 10 million to innovative projects carried out jointly by companies based in the two countries. The call notice was released on November, 28th.

“Israel is a benchmark country in terms of its ability to boost the economy through technological innovation. This cooperation will allow Brazilian companies access to new technologies and contact with one of the main hubs of innovative companies in the world, as well as being an incentive to enter into the international market”, emphasizes the director of Planning and Management of EMBRAPII, José Luis Gordon.

The call will be focused on projects to develop new technologies in the areas of energy, IoT (Internet of Things), agriculture and life sciences. The proposal must involve at least one company from each country and result in the development of a new product, new production process or industrial application service.

The project should also have market potential and add value to the economies of both countries. In this model of international cooperation, each country finances their respective companies. Brazilian companies must be associated with the accredited network of 42 EMBRAPII Units for the development of the project.

About EMBRAPII – EMBRAPII’s operational model allows speed, flexibility and reduced risk in supporting corporate RD&I projects. Linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Telecommunications, the organization finances 1/3 of Brazilian industry projects with non-reimbursable resources.

EMBRAPII partners with the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany to promote the training of researchers and management professionals and the exchange of scientific data, as well as with Innovate UK, the UK innovation agency for technology development projects for smart cities and sustainable urban environments.

Innovation in Israel – The country has the highest concentration of R&D employees – 140 per 10 thousand inhabitants – and also the highest concentration of employees in high technology – one in 10 workers works with state-of-the-art technology. Israel also accounts for the highest per capita startups index in the world: one in 400 people. Only in 2017, new technology-based businesses locally founded were sold for US $ 23 billion. With so much innovation, the country attracted the attention of great foreigners and the country has 350 centers of research and development of multinationals.

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