The National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI) – SENAI Institute for Biomass Innovation (ISI BIOMASSA) is an EMBRAPII Unit in the area of Biomass Transformation, with two lines of action:

  • Integrated Biotechnology and Technical Microbiology
  • Energy and Sustainability

ISI Biomassa conducts biomass transformation research and develops innovative products, services and processes aiming to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry by helping to reduce costs and/or adding value to biomass raw materials. It operates in the following areas: Efficient energy generation; Biofuels; Recombinant microbial strains; Enzymes; Renewable materials and chemicals; and Chemicals Products (solvents and building blocks).

Among the carried out projects with EMBRAPII, we highlight:

  • Biomark: development of a microsatellite kit for the selection of sugarcane varieties used in the production of 2G ethanol.
  • Green Solvent: green solvent production (butanol) by fermentative route from modified anaerobic lines.

About ISI Biomassa
The Senai Institute for Biomass Innovation started its activities in 2013 by conducting biomass transformation research and developing innovative products, services and processes, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry. The main industrial sectors served by the Institute are paper and cellulose, sugar-energy, biofuels, chemical and cosmetic.

To conduct the biomass transformation, it relies on a built area of 4.900m², where the following labs stand out:

  • Laboratory of Chemical Processes
  • Laboratory of Bioprocesses for staggering biotechnological processes
  • Pilot Plants for scheduling of thermochemical and chemical processes, including pyrolysis and gasification plants
  • Unit of Raw Material Preparation
  • Laboratory of instrumental analysis

About Unit ISI Biomass


Contact: Layssa Okamura


Address: Av. Angelina Tebet, 777

Postal Code: 79640-250

City: Três Lagoas

State: MS

Acting Areas

Redes Embrapii



Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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