The National Institute of Technology (INT) is accredited by EMBRAPII to assist in the area of Industrial Chemical Technology, carrying out projects for the development of Chemical Processes, Physical-Chemical Processes, Organic Chemistry Technology and Inorganic Chemical Technology.

At INT, the development of chemical technologies has a modern laboratory complex, associated to the excellence of its researchers with specializations, master’s and doctorate in polymers, catalysis, corrosion, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, spectroscopy and electronic microscopy. This association allows proposing articulated and complementary solutions to the relevant issues identified by the national chemical industry in oil, gas and petrochemicals, renewable chemistry, biofuels, agroindustry, polymers and the synthesis of organic and inorganic structures, among others.

Highlights of two projects already carried out in partnership with EMBRAPII:

  • Partnership with Oxiteno company – As a result of INT’s participation in the EMBRAPII pilot phase, the Oxiteno project developed a new production process for a chemical specialty: a high purity ester used in the formulation of personal care products and cosmetics. This work secured to this partnership the Kurt Politzer Technology Award of 2015, in the Company category
  • Partnership with the L’Oréal company – In the current phase, the EMBRAPII INT Unit has promoted an improvement in the process of obtaining products for hair treatment.

About INT
Connected to the Science and Technology area of the Federal Government, INT is a multidisciplinary institution that, since its creation in 1921, dedicates its activities to the development of industrial technology, focused on national strategic programs and actions. The work of the Institute today includes competences in: Evaluation of Processes, Products and Inputs; Bioprocessing and Bioproducts; Catalysis and Biocatalysis; Corrosion, Biocorrosion and Degradation of Materials; Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; Materials Science Engineering; Engineering and Product Design; Additive Manufacturing; and Production Management Technology. It has 20 laboratories, including a Center for Characterization in Nanotechnology.

About Unit INT


Contact: Marcia Gomes de Oliveira


Address: Av. Venezuela, 82 – Praça Mauá

Postal Code: 20081-312

City: Rio de Janeiro

State: RJ

Redes Embrapii

Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em Grafeno


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

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