The Federal Institute of Paraíba is a century-old institution with a strong link with industry since its inception, having been named as an Industrial Technical School throughout its history. In the early 1960s, the then Federal Technical School of Paraíba (ETF-PB) moved to a new structure – to the current João Pessoa Campus, the Innovation site of the João Pessoa Pole.

The relevant performance of the Institution in the development of RD& I projects has given it the accreditation as an EMBRAPII Unit. In addition to the direct consequence, the volume of financial resources coming from companies of the industrial sector in these projects made possible the creation of structures focused exclusively on the interaction with companies.

The team of researchers that compose the IFPB – João Pessoa Campus, has experience in both RD&I projects and human resource training projects, several of them with previous experience in the industry, before joining the institution. This kind of expertise represents a very important differential in order to execute RD&I in a professional way, integrated to agile and effective management processes.

Among the projects already executed by IFPB – João Pessoa Campus, most of them are connected to the necessary technologies for the execution of the sublines defined under the competence area of accreditation in Systems for Manufacturing. Emphasis is given in this context to technologies such as Embedded Software, Electronics and Intelligent Systems.

The IFPB – João Pessoa Campus has its own infrastructure with physical space and state-of-the-art equipment suitable for the successful execution of research and the development of projects in the area of accredited competence. Some of the laboratories available for the EMBRAPII Unit are listed below:

  • Assert Laboratory: Exclusively built for the management and execution of RD&I projects and main tool of action of the EMBRAPII Unit of IFPB – João Pessoa Campus for execution of projects and as an operational center. The entire structure has access control and closed circuit surveillance, internet connection in fiber optics and computers of last generation. It also has a dedicated room for an exclusive server, reception and content recording studio for distance learning and a soundproofed meeting room and professional equipment for video conferencing.
  • Laboratory of Instrumentation, Control Systems and Automation (LINSCA): operates in the research lines related to Instrumentation, Control Systems and Automation, plus Robotics area, involving a range of applications diversity, compatible with the environment in which the IFPB – João Pessoa Campus is inserted.
  • Laboratory of Activation Control and Automation (LACA): operates in the research lines related to applications of power electronics in energy systems and also in the areas of automation, instrumentation and control of industrial processes.
  • Laboratory of Automation Process and Integrated Manufacturing: development of researches in the areas of machine vision systems, systems of vision applied to Robotics and systems of vision for inspection of parts and assembly of mechanical sets.
  • Electronic Laboratory: focused on the testing and development of electronic circuits.

About Unit IFPB


Contact: Erick Augusto Gomes de Melo


Address: Av. Primeiro de Maio, 720 - Jaguaribe

Postal Code: 58015-435

City: João Pessoa

State: PB

Redes Embrapii

Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em TD


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

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