The Embrapii Energy Efficiency Unit IFG – Federal Institute of Goiás, accredited through the Institution’s Research and Innovation Reference Center (CiteLab), is an EMBRAPII unit with operations in the area of ​​Industrial Energy Technologies, focusing on the areas of energy generation. electricity, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, generation of energy from clean sources and reuse of raw materials.

The IFG have contributed to technological development and innovation in the consumption and processing of electric energy in the state of Goiás, demonstrating expertise in projects carried out over the past years. As Embrapii attested beyond scientific, technological and innovation productions in the area of operation, a new chalenge is bringing the business and industries closer trough the transfer of technology for the development of products, prototypes and processes in order to optimize production of electric energy from photovoltaic, wind and biomass sources.

For this, there are three laboratories:

• Alternative Energy Sources Laboratory: rooms for thermoelectric cogeneration, photovoltaic generation laboratories and for testing photovoltaic panels.

• Chemical / Biomass Instrumentation Laboratory: instruments for the analysis of water, materials and effluents.

• Renewable Energy Laboratory: meeting projects and demands from industries with a focus on energy efficiency actions for installations, equipment, processes and end use of energy.

The team involved in the EMRAPII IFG Unit is initially formed by 19 members, nine of whom are working in different areas of knowledge. The researchers have experience in developing energy efficiency projects, using biogas, industrial by-products and waste in environmental protection, among others, carried out at IFG. The Institution has a strong presence in the proposed research areas for the EMBRAPII unit, representing a bridge between researchers, IFG and the local and regional productive sector.

The Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Goiás (IFG), created by Federal Law No. 11,892, of December 29, 2008, which transformed the Federal Technological Education Centers (CEFETs) into Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology, it is a federal autarchy with administrative, patrimonial, financial, didactic-pedagogical and disciplinary autonomy. Equated with federal universities, it is an institution of higher, basic and professional education, multi-curricular and multicampus, specialized in offering professional, technological and free education in different teaching modalities. It has 14 campuses distributed in all regions of the state of Goiás.

About Unit IFG


Contact: Leandro Freitas


Telephone: (62) 9 95380707

Address: Rua Dona Sanduca, 75 - Sítio de Recreio Ipê

Postal Code: 74681-400

City: Goiânia

State: GO


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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