INDT (Institute of Technological Development) is accredited by EMBRAPII to work in the area of competence in Systems for Manufacturing Automation, with two research underlines Software for Manufacturing Automation and Devices and Equipment for Manufacturing Automation.

It works developing solutions in Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Design, Product Validation, and Agile Project Management, in Business areas such as Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Payment Solutions, Consumer Electronics, Logistics, and Retail.

The highlight for seven projects already carried out in partnership with EMBRAPII:

WHPlus Project: Web and mobile software that provides autonomy, intelligence, and maximum efficiency to warehouses and distribution centers, through algorithms with heuristics and optimized operational processes. Based on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Manufacturing 4.0, it is possible to automatically identify materials, reduce waste, improve operational capacity and increase traceability.

Procyon Project: Development of 3 low-cost chargers (hardware) for set-top boxes and Wi-Fi devices, with powers of 12W, 18W, and 24W. Its differential is the development of a single platform that serves the three products, making production more efficient and the price more competitive.

GORT Project: Dashboard that allows data input and real-time monitoring of operation information from T-800 and R2D2 workstations. The solution is based on the German Reference Model for Architecture of Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) and brings together international standardization standards to safely and efficiently guide the transition of the entire production chain to the industry 4.0 model.

Planta 4.0 Project: Research and Development of hardware for multi-adaptable semi-automatic test JIGs on Printed Circuit Boards (PCI) and finished products, log extraction, generation of productivity, and traceability indexes. The integration of these devices with the industry’s computational tools allows automatic data exchange and promotes advances towards the Industry 4.0 model.

RoadRunner Project: Web / Mobile Platform for Predictive Maintenance Management. It allows access control, real-time monitoring of maintenance status, scheduling of service orders, control of maintenance actions, and management of the technical maintenance team. The solution is based on the German model RAMI 4.0 and follows international standards for industry 4.0.

AIQA Project: Development and application of a validation methodology for Artificial Intelligence solutions on smartphones. Only with this certification is it possible to incorporate these technologies into the production process. Methods are applied to cover levels of structural test, application, and maintenance. The process includes functional, performance, memory, battery consumption, and fairness testing.

PTH 4.0 Project: Automated Optical Inspection Solution (AOI) that uses Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and C ++ Machine Learning technologies to detect defects in the insertion of PTH (Pin Through Hole) components in printed circuit boards. The project includes a hardware prototype that simulates the production line and quality inspection automation software solution.

About INDT

Created in 2001, INDT (Institute of Technological Development) is a private, non-profit, independent PD&I institution that aims to generate new concepts, products, and solutions in information systems, mobile communication, manufacturing, and connectivity.

About Unit INDT


Contact: Marx Santos


Address: Av. José Moacir Teberga de Toledo, 1520 - Planalto

Postal Code: 69044-235

City: Manaus

State: AM

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