CERTI (Foundation Centers of Reference in Innovative Technologies) is accredited by EMBRAPII to serve the area of Intelligent Systems, with development of projects in the Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Electronics and Electro medical Products sectors.

It operates in a multidisciplinary way, encompassing market analysis, preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies, design, prototype and product development (design, mechanics and electronics, hardware, firmware and software) and production process, instrumentation and control, testing, quality assurance, supply chain development, delivering to the customer the product ready to be certified and inserted in the market.

Highlights of two projects already carried out in partnership with EMBRAPII:

  • New concept of the factory + Intelligent System for Identification and Traceability of Materials and Products, with the company ALLIAGE
  • R&D Project of Intelligent Manufacturing Processes for Electronic Products – Phases I and II, with the EXATRON company

Founded in 1984, CERTI is a private non-profit institution. It operates in the development of products, processes and systems and it has seven laboratories: Micro Intelligent Networks; Luminotechnical Tests; Metrology, Instrumentation and Testing; Mechatronics; Advanced Electronics Manufacturing (Labelectron); Software development; Digital TV.


Laercio Anicerto Silva, CERTI Foundation | 6th Encounter of Units

Laercio Aniceto Silva, Business Superintendent of the CERTI Foundation, spoke about the institution’s operational area and the importance of EMBRAPII in fostering innovation and development in the country.

About Unit CERTI Foundation

Site: https://www.certi.org.br/pt/servicoseprodutos-embrapii

Contact: Eduardo Rezende

Email: erz@certi.org.br

Address: Campus Universitário UFSC - Setor C

Postal Code: 88040-970

City: Florianópolis

State: SC

Redes Embrapii

Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em IA
Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em TD
Rede de Inovação em Mobilidade Rota 2030


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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