The EMBRAPII Unit at the UFRGS School of Engineering, SIMOB – Systems of Intelligent Mobility, has specific capabilities in the development of materials and manufacturing processes such as Metal Forming, Surface Engineering, Casting and Welding, Instrumentation and Automation, as well as Technological Management, which are fundamental for the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts.

As the Headquarters, from 2021 on, of the SIMOB unit, the Technology Center, CT, was created in 1988 as an auxiliary structure of the School of Engineering, with a strong link to the mining-metal-mechanical sector.

One of the greatest advantages of the SIMOB infrastructure is having equipments that allow close simulation of industrial applications. These SIMOB’s infrastructure characteristics are fundamental for the integration of the most diverse systems to be carried out in the Industry 4.0.

SIMOB has 4,340m² of built-up area at UFRGS – Campus do Vale, with several laboratories and a strong connection to UFRGS’ postgraduate programs, especially the PPGE3M. In addition to extensive laboratory infrastructure, the CT has 3 classrooms, an auditorium for 150 people and a large entrance hall that allows for exhibitions and events.

The integrated infrastructure comprises laboratories in areas as: Mineral Processing (LAPROM), Steelmaking (LASID), Foundry (Lafun), Metal Forming & Surface Engineering (LdTM), Welding & Related Techniques (LS&TC), Environmental Studies for Metallurgy (LEAMET) and Polymeric Materials (LAPOL), Robotics and Embedded Systems (LaRoSE) and Organizational Engineering (NEO) working in the technological management of integrated solutions for industrial production.

SIMOB is linked to the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, located in Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, is a century-old institution, recognized nationally and internationally. It teaches courses in all areas of knowledge and at all levels, from Elementary School to Graduate programs.

The SIMOB Unit is the second EMBRAPII unit at the UFRGS School of Engineering, an institution that is celebrating 125 years, that has approximately 5,000 undergraduate students and approximately 3,500 graduate students. It offers 13 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate courses. The infrastructure comprises 10 teaching laboratories and more than 80 research laboratories, located in 16 buildings. The permanent teaching staff comprises 230 professors; and the administrative staff comprises 130 people.




Contact: Marcelo Lubaszewski


Telephone: 5133086534

Address: Centro de Tecnologia UFRGS | Campus do Vale | Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500 | Bairro Agronomia | setor 6

Postal Code: 91501-970

City: Porto Alegre

State: RS

Redes Embrapii

Rede de Inovação em Mobilidade e Logística - Rota 2030


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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