The Materials Science, Technology and Innovation Group (CTIM) has been accredited in the competence area of Functional Materials since 2020, and focuses on two sub-areas i.e. “Functional Polymers” and “Functional Surfaces and Interfaces”.

The expertise of CTIM serves various industries such as the polymers industry, tires, adhesives, packaging, energy, oil & gas, biotechnology, defense, automotive and aerospace industries, health, pulp & paper, and paints.

CTIM involves qualified researchers who have previous experience in the industry and in the development of R,D&I projects with small to large companies. Consequently, the team does understand the demands and needs of the productive sector. CTIM benefits from modern infrastructures, with equipment for the development and processing of materials, and with a range of characterization techniques.

In the sub-area dedicated to Functional Polymers, CTIM can help your company on the following subjects:
– Nanocomposites with thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomeric matrix using graphene, carbon nanotubes, boron nitride, cellulose particles, in order to achieve specific requirements;
– Polymers modification to obtain special functionalities, such as electrical and thermal conductivity, insulating/dielectric behavior, antimicrobial effect, barrier properties, among others;
– Use of raw materials from renewable sources and natural polymers to obtain environment friendly technologies;
– New materials for emerging processing techniques, such as 3D printing;
– Optimization of the rheology of thermoplastics, liquid resins, paints, adhesives, lubricants and development of fluids with special rheological responses;
– Intelligent materials based on polymers, such as sensors, shape memory materials, and actuators.

In the sub-area dedicated to Surfaces and Functional Interfaces, CTIM can help your company on the following subjects:
– Metallic surfaces with controlled microstructures to meet the technological demands of conformability and fatigue behavior required in the metallurgical sector;
– Surface treatments to control resistance to corrosion, wear and fatigue, and their combinations;
– Surfaces for improving thermal and mechanical properties, meeting the technological demands of companies in the electrical and metal-mechanical sector;
– (nano)composite coatings for improving mechanical properties and chemical resistance for industries in the automotive, aeronautical, biomedical and energy sectors;
– Development of adhesives for different types of surfaces and varied applications such as food packaging;

Within the scope of the “Rota 2030 Project”, CTIM is qualified to develop projects in the following areas:
– New materials for additive manufacturing techniques;
– Analysis of corrosion and technological solutions;
– Replacement of traditional materials by lightweight and functional materials;
– Improvement of tire energy efficiency.


Contact: Demetrio Jackson dos Santos


Telephone: (11) 97017-7167

Address: Av. dos Estados, 5001 - Bangú

Postal Code: 09210-580

City: Santo André

State: SP

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