MOVE is an EMBRAPII unit operating in Mobility Machinery and Equipment, focusing on:

  1. Vehicles and equipment for handling cargo and people.
  2. Devices and equipment for energy conversion and propulsion.
  3. Manufacturing processes, systems, and materials.

The MOVE team has an extensive experience in its industry, with several RD&I projects carried out in partnership with companies such as Renault, BMW, BioTech, Embraco, Embraer, Petrobras, VALE, and WEG, among others. As a result of this experience, the team has 98 patent letters filed in different countries, 54 of which have been granted so far, and whose vast majority was developed in conjunction with the industry. It also has 44 Computer Programs registered with the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property.

The projects developed by MOVE involve expertise in dynamic and structural design, vehicle electromechanical automation, data acquisition hardware and software, predictive control with artificial intelligence, thermal and fluid engineering to develop components and devices for vehicle propulsion systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and manufacturing materials and processes.

The MOVE structure is composed of the following laboratories:

  1. LAR – Laboratory of Applied Robotics Raul Guenther;
  2. LABCET – Laboratory for Combustion and Thermal Systems Engineering;
  3. LABMAT – Materials Laboratory;
  4. LABMETRO – Metrology and Measurement Automation Laboratory;
  5. LABSOLDA – Welding and Mechatronics Institute;
  6. LABTUCAL/LEPTEN – Heat Pipes Laboratory/Laboratory of Energy Conversion Engineering and Energy Technology;
  7. LCM – Microstructural Characterization Laboratory;
  8. LMP – Precision Engineering Laboratory;
  9. LASHIP – Laboratory of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems;
  10. NEDIP – Integrated Product Development Nucleus;
  11. LISHA – Software/Hardware Integration Laboratory;
  12. LAPIX – Image Processing and Computer Graphics Laboratory;
  13. GQS – Software Quality Group.

MOVE is part of the Technological Center (CTC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), a renowned Higher Education Entity created 60 years ago. Nowadays, UFSC has more than 620 study groups that currently develop around 2,700 projects, many of them with industrial partners. Another highlight is the Intellectual Property produced within the CTC, which accounts for 37% of the University total, even though it is not the largest center of the University. Finally, MOVE is within a globally recognized innovation ecosystem, which is the city of Florianópolis, among the five cities that currently most concentrate startups in Brazil.

About Unit MOVE/UFSC


Contact: Prof. Rodrigo de Souza Vieira, Dr. Eng.


Telephone: (48) 3721-4015

Address: MOVE, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica Centro Tecnológico – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Campus Trindade

Postal Code: 88040-370

City: Florianópolis

State: SC

Redes Embrapii

Rede de Inovação em Mobilidade e Logística Rota 2030


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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