The UFSCar-Advanced Materials Unit is an EMBRAPII Unit accredited to develop new materials for different applications, emphasizing functional materials –optimized for a given application; sustainable process materials designed to minimize waste emission in industrial processes or produced from abundant and low-cost sources; and advanced materials that are specifically developed to meet the industrial demands of the 21st century.

The UFSCar-Advanced Materials Unit involves 32 researchers with extensive experience in interacting with the productive sector in many different industrial operation lines, from materials developed/optimized a la carte for client application to fundamental studies on material properties that become industrial products due to improvements in their production cost, durability, and low pollutant emission.


The University departments, with a strong performance in advanced materials, awarded their respective graduate programs a level 7 evaluation by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). These departments house important research projects in advanced materials whose laboratories are allocated to the UFSCar-Advanced Materials Unit: Center of Excellence in Research, Dissemination, and Innovation in Functional Materials (CDMF), coordinated by Prof. Dr. Elson Longo and funded by FAPESP; Center of Excellence in Research, Dissemination, and Innovation in Vitreous Materials (CERTEV), coordinated by Prof. Dr. Edgar Zanotto and funded by FAPESP; Center of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry (CERSusChem), coordinated by Prof. Dr. Arlene Correa and funded by FAPESP; Center for Characterization and Development of Materials (CCDM); DQ-UFSCar Analytical Center; Structural Characterization Laboratory (LCE), among others. These large laboratories, which are part of the Unit, have a large range of equipment totaling approximately 40 million dollars.


Proposed by the Exact and Technology Sciences Center (CCET), the UFSCar-Advanced Materials Unit houses the Exact Sciences and Engineering departments in the São Carlos campus. It is the largest UFSCar Center, with 421 professors, 4,074 undergraduate students, and 1,504 stricto sensu graduate students. CCET has 18 undergraduate courses and 16 graduate programs, and its departments are responsible for offering courses and developing research in Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. These activities are supported by a technical and laboratory infrastructure which has resulted, over four decades, in significant scientific production in the national and international scenario. Within a context of cooperation with the industrial sector in generating new materials, the team has had connections with many industrial segments, from the development of new glass-ceramic materials with optimized properties to new refractory materials for the steel industry which line torpedo cars and blast furnaces.

About Unit UFSCAR


Contact: Ernesto Chaves Pereira de Souza


Telephone: 16 3351-8201

Address: Rod. Washington Luis, km 235

Postal Code: 13565-905

City: São Carlos

State: SP

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