The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Embedded Systems (ISI-SE), located in Florianópolis – SC, works closely to the national industry in the development and application of knowledge in the areas of Devices and Equipment for Embedded Computing, Procurement and Control Systems and Analysis Systems of data.

The Institute’s vision is to serve as a vehicle to help translating research and development results into innovations for the productive sector, support the formation of new businesses and industrial innovation, and improve the global competitiveness of the economy through the technological innovation of embedded systems. ISI-SE develops innovative solutions in embedded systems focused on time, quality, cost and risk management, and seeks customized solutions for various industry sectors.

ISI-SE has advanced projects in progress to assist national industries in developing new products and improving production processes. Satellites, unmanned aircrafts, submarine robots, and wireless control and connectivity of construction machines are examples of experience and capability in semiautonomous and autonomous systems. Increased industry productivity is achieved through the application of advanced manufacturing concepts (industry 4.0), for example, in the production process, supply chain and inventory control. In both cases, products and processes, the development of electronic systems (hardware), sensitization, connectivity, storage, use of artificial intelligence in real time and in the cloud to transform data into information and vertical and horizontal integration with enterprise applications with decision-making.

About Unit ISI Embedded Systems


Contact: Paulo Violada


Address: Av. Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 1302 - Cachoeira do Bom Jesus

Postal Code: 88054-700

City: Florianópolis

State: SC

Redes Embrapii

Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em IA
Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em TD
Rede de Inovação em Mobilidade Rota 2030


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

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