The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Metal-Mechanics Integrated Solutions is a unit accredited by EMBRAPII to develop RD&I projects in the area of Sensory Systems, focusing on three themes: sensor development and integration, development of computational vision systems and development of computational systems for sensing.

Its technical staff has industrial experience and applied research, highlighting in component and subsystem projects for the automotive, medical, machine tools and precision agriculture sectors. These are methods and tools for integrated product development and systems engineering applied from the conceptual design to the prototyping phase.

The following solutions stand out:

  • Sensing for instantaneous manufacturing data analysis
  • Scanning and sensing of manufacturing systems
  • Human interaction systems and exoskeletons
  • Computational vision systems for traceability of manufacturing defects
  • Analysis of human factors in the interaction of equipment (industrial, sports and medical)

Highlights of two projects that are already being carried out in partnership with EMBRAPII:

  • Sensing System for Active Logistics, with the Migra company
  • Usiminas 4.0 Solutions, with the company Soluções Usiminas

About ISI Metal-Mechanics
The Institute was structured from the Technological Center of Precision Mechanics – CETEMP, founded in 1983, and from the Excellence Center in Advanced Technologies SENAI – CETA. It is currently part of the network of innovation and technology institutes under the SENAI Program of Support to the Competitiveness of the Brazilian Industry, coordinated by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

About Unit ISI Metal-Mechanics


Contact: Victor Gomes


Address: Av. Getúlio Vargas, 3239

Postal Code: 93025-753

City: São Leopoldo

State: RS

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