The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Metallurgy and Special Alloys (ISI MLE) offers innovative solutions in metallurgical products and processes. With seven laboratories and two pilot plants, installed in a 2,500m² built area in Belo Horizonte (MG), the Institute has a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment and a comprehensive infrastructure to meet the companies’ needs in the steel sector, non-ferrous producers and the entire industrial chain associated with these segments. The offered services allow to improve the performance of metallic alloys by means of modern methods such as computational simulations, hot forming and heat treatments.

ISI MLE is part of the Center for Technology and Innovation (CIT), a unit of SENAI, which was created in 2011 through an agreement with the state of Minas Gerais, originated from the Minas Gerais Technological Center Foundation (CETEC). In this way, the ISI MLE bases its competence on researchers and laboratories in the Metallurgical Technology sector of CETEC.

A large number of research and technological services projects were executed, from the implementation of CETEC in 1972, until its transformation into SENAI. The ISI in Metallurgy and Special Alloys has, for this reason, extensive experience in working together with industries in the mining and metallurgical sector of Minas Gerais and the country.

With the objective of promoting the competitiveness increase of the Brazilian industry through the transfer of knowledge, applied research and innovation, ISI MLE renewed its laboratory facilities, starting in 2011, with resources about R$ 32 million from BNDES and of Senai – DR/MG. It is worth mentioning the acquisition of software and database for computational thermodynamic simulation, electronic microscope of high resolution scanning – FEG with EDS and EBSD, transmission electron microscope with EDS, optical and confocal microscopes, X-ray diffractometer, test machine of fatigue and fracture toughness, simultaneous TG-DTA / DSC meter, quench dilatometer with deformation, process simulator (Gleeble) and furnaces for alloying production.



Contact: José Luciano de Assis Pereira


Address: Av. José Cândido da Silveira, 2000 - Horto

Postal Code: 31035-536

City: Belo Horizonte

State: MG

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