The EMBRAPII Innovation Center of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (PE-IFSC) – Campus Florianópolis is accredited as EMBRAPII Unit in the competence area of Intelligent Energy Systems involving researchers and infrastructure belonging to the following courses: professional master’s degree in Energy Systems, Mechatronics and specialization in Electronic Products Development.

Within this competence area, PE-IFSC will develop RD&I projects under the following sublines: Development of Computerized Systems for the Management of Electric Energy Markets; Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Electrical Networks; and Renewable Sources of Energy.

The PE-IFSC is located in the Florianópolis Campus, in the city of Florianópolis (SC). It offers as research infrastructure the following laboratories directly linked to the area of competence as EMBRAPII Unit:

  • Laboratory of Energy Systems Studies
  • Laboratory of Energy Efficiency
  • Research Laboratory in Intelligent Electrical Networks
  • Research and Development Laboratory in Electro technology
  • Laboratory of Integrated Planning of Energy Resources
  • Laboratory of Energy Electronic Processing
  • Research and Development Laboratory in Electronics
  • Laboratory of Development and Research in Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Laboratory of Prototyping and Machining
  • Research Laboratory in Scientific Computing for Engineering
  • Laboratory of Manufacturing Automation
  • Laboratory of Industrial Computing

About Unit IFSC


Contact: Robinson Pizzio


Address: Avenida Mauro Ramos, 950 - Centro

Postal Code: 88020-300

City: Florianópolis

State: SC

Redes Embrapii

Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em IA
Rede de Inovação em Mobilidade Rota 2030
Rede MCTI EMBRAPII de Inovação em TD


Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações

Ministério da Educação

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