The Center of Innovation in Materials from the Federal University of São Paulo (CIM-UNIFESP) is an EMBRAPII unit, registered in 2020, working in the fields of polymeric materials, composite and nanomaterials, and in the development of technologies for the development of polymeric materials and composites from different matrices, including polymers and their blends.

The CIM-UNIFESP group works since 2014 in the development of projects of RD&I in partnership with medium and large sized companies, as well as start-ups, in RD&I projects and human resources training, with good interaction between the group’s expertise and the industry’s demands. Its products and/or subproducts can be supplied to different business areas, from the aerospace sector to agribusiness, chemical, paints and pharmaceuticals, among others. Currently, it has more than 50 researchers working in the field of advanced materials (polymerics, composite and nanotechnology).
The CIM-UNIFESP has researchers with experience in industrial RD&I, and researchers working with industrial companies in consultancy projects.
We highlight the group’s involvement with the chemical industry for the development of polymers and polymerization processes using pilot reactor, investigating different types of raw materials for applications in paints, adhesives, coating, paper and fibers. The group has worked with the aviation industry, ceramics and, more recently, has been working in projects for the development of advanced materials, nanotechnology, biomaterials and production and transformation processes.

  • In the Project Route 2030, the unit is capable of developing projects in the following areas:
  • Composite materials, biocomposites and lighter composites;
  • Use of nanotubes, fibers and carbon nanofibers, graphene, cellulose nanocrystals and
  • nanocharges;
  • Paints, primes, coatings, adhesives, sealants and auto-adhesives;
  • Development of elastomers, rubbers and foams.

The CIM-UNIFESP has dedicated individual laboratories for each specialty and multiuser centers supporting the RD&I activities. The laboratories are adapted for synthesis, sample preparation and processing of materials. It also has characterization equipment and suitable technical support specialised in the three areas of expertise. Besides the laboratory infrastructure and research team, the CIM-UNIFESP has support units that assist in the management of processes, hiring human resources, accountability, intellectual property and fundraising.



Contact: Prof. Maurício Pinheiro de Oliveira


Telephone: 12 3924 9695

Address: Avenida Cesare Monsueto Giulio Lattes, 1201 , Eugênio de Melo

Postal Code: 12247-014

City: São José dos Campos

State: SP

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